SBC Consultants Limited


We aim to provide our clients with the advice and assistance they actually need in order to develop their business.  We will not try to impose standards that are not applicable, just because others do.  We will not try to fit a company to a pre-conceived management system, nor will we take on work where we do not believe we can make a contribution that will benefit our client.

Key Benefits

  • An understanding of business needs.
  • A personal service, without boilerplating.
  • An honest and flexible approach.
  • No job is too small to receive proper consideration.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Like our services, our rates are flexible and designed to suit our client and the job.  We can provide services on an hourly charged basis, a day rate or, for defined workscopes, a lump sum.  We don't profess to be the cheapest on the market but we're certainly not the most expensive - we aim to provide the best value by delivering what you really need.  Click here for our standard rates.