SBC Consultants Limited


Our speciality is management auditing, where we believe we can provide an unrivalled, personal service. Our audits are tailored to our customer's requirements, to develop reports that deliver the information that our customer needs. Whilst our audits will generally follow ISO 19011 requirements, we try to go further than many others and check whether the systems under scrutiny actually deliver what is needed by customers.

We also maintain an active interest in all things computing: we have made a conscious decision not to market hardware or software, ensuring that we can provide truly unbiased advice.

One area we are not involved in is certification.  Our consultancy or auditing services may lead towards you gaining certification for your management system, and we may assist in liaison with your chosen certification body, but we do not certify.

A management consultancy service that can look at the whole organisation or just a part - we will advise but you decide.
Exercises that provide you with information that is of use to you.
Health Checks
Often an integral part of a consultancy project, or a separate exercise to see just where your systems are taking you.
Problem Solving
If you have a problem that is costing you money, and you are struggling to fix it, we can take a look for you.

Please contact us to to discuss your requirements.  Fees are negotiable - see here for our current base rates.